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With the development of Sleep Well!, we had a great start to our collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH. Recently, we had the chance to work on another cool project with them, called Badesalz.

Badesalz is a free entertainment app that promotes the release of the a CD by the group of top German comedians called “Badesalz”. To give a fun glimpse into the content of the CD, Badesalz is equipped with an assortment of buttons that, upon clicking, reproduce sounds or phrases prepared by the comedians. Those are fun to play with but they can also come in handy in everyday life’s situations.

We developed the mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, making it scalable so it runs flawlessly on phones as well as on tablets. Besides the integration of the sounds, we also included push notifications to inform users about news regarding the actual CD´s as soon as these are available.

As having to play with sound-making buttons for their job, we greatly enjoyed the development of this app, as well as the continuous collaboration with Sony. We are very proud of the result and thrilled to see that users love playing with this app just as much as we do. All the positive reviews, both, for the iOS and for the Android app just blew our minds.

“Badesalz” calls this app a survival help and if the App Store had such a category, it would surely and with no doubt fall in it.

So if you need a survival app to help with witty responses or just want to play with buttons that make funny sounds, get the Badesalz iOS App or the Badesalz Android App!

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