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Just as so many other impatient users, we pre-ordered the Amazon Fire TV box for Germany which we finally received in early December. Right away, we started playing with it and, within the same month, were able to release our first Netzkino app for Fire TV.

When connecting Amazon’s TV box to your regular home television, you are now able to watch the great variety of free movies offered by Netzkino on your home TV. Even as a non-Prime member, you have full access to the content. We are extremely proud of the constantly growing movie collection which contains some items that we couldn’t even find on Prime or that were not offered for free.

We developed the app by closely following the Amazon design patterns to integrate it into the Fire TV environment as well as possible. But as not all of the features we wanted were supported by Amazon’s SDK, we just built them on our own. By doing so, we enabled the site-navigation, the category-view and sub-pages that provide the user with more detailed information on selected items. Another feature is the film recommendation which suggests closely related movies to your selection in order to give a better overview of films that you might be interested in.

The app’s key feature, however, is our own video player which we developed and integrated inside the Netzkino Fire TV app. It allows the independent management of commercials that are played before, in between of, and after the movie and allows Netzkino to continue offering their films for free.

And finally, in order to give the users the full freedom and luxury any other TV is offering: you can navigate through the app by using the remote control or even a game pad.

The positive feedback and the immense number of downloads surprised us in a positive way and made us even more proud of what we are doing.

Now, if you have Fire TV and want to enjoy our great app, lean back and get our Netzkino for Fire TV!

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