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You’re in love with your girlfriend and want to prove it to her everyday but you’re in lack of ideas or have to be reminded regularly? The iOS app mosband supports you from now on.

The brainchild for this app was created by CEO Daniel. Being in a long-term relationship, he knows about the risks of being stuck in the daily routine: Men often want to exert themselves for their girlfriends but don’t know how to do it.

Especially, long-term relationships often suffer from a shortcoming of romance and spontaneity. His answer: Developing an app which is reminding men to stagger their girlfriend from time to time.

Mosband is an iOS app that is designed for boyfriends who want to improve their relationship, especially in their daily life. The app does not only send notifications to their iPhones bringing them to mind to prepare something special for their girlfriend, but also provides suitable tips.
Whether watching a movie, saying “I love you” or preparing a candle-light dinner – mosband offers a great variety of spontaneous ideas. Becoming a “model husband” is easy now!

Besides providing romantic as well as extraordinary ideas, mosband can show how long you are currently in your relationship and sends you a special reminder for your anniversary. So if you or your friends are in need of such an reminder and want to upgrade your partnership, spread the word and tell them about the new mosband app.

We’re proud that we launched our very first own app into the market and we love to see all the positive reactions of the users in the App Store. This enthusiastic feedback stimulates us even more to create user-friendly and reasonable products that delight our everyday lives. Visit the Apple app store and the mosband website now and get excited about the ideas mosband is offering!

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