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For us at simpleTechs, the passion never ends. This is true for everything we do and also includes already released products. Netzkino is one example of that. With its first release, we didn’t think that our work with it would be over and neither did we want it to be. Each of our products is dear to us and we continuously work on their improvement. The same goes for Netzkino, one of our first projects.

A great reward for our hard work was to see the app ranked top 8 in the Swiss Apple Store just recently, after being ranked top 1 in the German Store, which only added fuel to our motivation to do even more.

Now we are proud to say that the app has recently been featured on Amazon as it is finally available on their devices, too. Kindle and FirePhone users now have the opportunity to join the Netzkino community and take full advantage of the free movie variety that comes with it.

This has been one of the larger extentions around Netzkino lately but we didn’t stop there. In addition to making the app available on all major platforms, we continued working on its support for smartTVs. As a result, Netzkino can now be accessed from Samsung TVs, Sony TVs, Technisat, as well as Netrange set-top boxes.

As you can see, much has happened and more is still to come. Netzkino keeps growing which we are very proud of and thankful to our users for. As usual, more is up in the pipeline so stay tuned!

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