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Windows 8.1 Netzkino App Promo Windows StoreIt is such a great feeling to just know that your hard work is being appreciated. We honestly care deeply about the feedback we receive from our customers and from consumers alike. That is part of who we are and what we do as a company. It is in our DNA, you could say.

With this in mind, it has been a special honor for us here at simpleTechs to see our Netzkino app for Windows 8.1 being promoted by Microsoft in the German Windows Store!

We made sure to have the Netzkino Windows 8 app ready for the launch of Windows 8.1. We submitted it right on time and overhauled the entire app so that it would be fully compatible with the new Windows 8.1 features, offering the users a seamless experience right from the get-go. Closely following the guidelines and demands by Microsoft, our app was chosen to be promoted on the Windows Store for almost an entire week! During that time, we experienced a high increase in downloads, with numbers skyrocketing to more than twice the amount they had been before.

“Even with Windows 8 only having been available for just a little more than a year, download numbers for the Netzkino Windows 8.1 app have been very satisfying for us. We are looking forward to the ongoing cooperation and wish Netzkino all the best”, adds CEO Daniel Schmidt.

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