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Welcome to the all new simpleTechs.net!

We are delighted to launch our new company website after weeks and weeks of thinking, tinkling, photoshopping and writing. This new website is your entrance to everything that we are working on and to everything that we have been doing in the past. We are really excited to finally launch it!

We chose a design that could express the heart and soul of what we are and what we try to accomplish: it’s fast and very sleek, uses the most sophisticated HTML5 technologies available and works on any device thanks to its adaptive design. From an impressive Ken Burns slide show effect right at the top to fade-in effects all around and product stories that go beyond the usual tech fanfaronade – this website just screams, but it does so in the most stylish way and we are very, very proud of it.

simpleTechs Company Blog

Along with the new simpleTechs.net, we are also launching our simpleTechs Company Blog.

During our daily operations, ranging from talking to our clients, planning and working on projects and releasing them, we always stumble across interesting, and in some cases even entertaining, things that we think need to be shared with the world. On this blog, we will talk about things that made us laugh and problems that may have brought us near a nervous breakdown. In the end, these stories almost always end with a big smile upon our faces because we found a solution and great solutions make us and our clients happy. Some of these things that we learned might actually help others out there, who knows.

What this will not be is a place of super lengthy blog entries that talk about nothing and help no one and that will almost certainly bore you to death. Let’s leave that to other companies. We won’t do that, I can promise you that much.

Stay tuned!

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