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A while ago, I talked to you about how we had just launched our new jobs page to attract new talented people to work for us here at simpleTechs. Almost two months have passed since then and we can proudly report that dozens and dozens of applications have flown in.

At this time, we would like to take the opportunity to say hi to Johannes, Finn and Alexej who have just joined us. They will help strengthen our team and our work in the backend, Salesforce and Android development fields among other things. Welcome aboard, guys!

A full success, we were blown away by the sheer amount of applications and people willing to work for us. This is huge as it shows that our search for talented folks – our new jobs page –  has been the right way to go about all this. We acknowledge that gifted developers don’t exactly grow on trees these days, either.

Thanks to all of you who submitted their applications. We truly wish you all the best for your future work endeavors!

As we continue to grow and expand our products and services into new areas (more on that soon!), we will keep our job offerings online.

These are very exciting times for us here at simpleTechs. 2014 will be an awesome year!

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