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Jobs @ simpleTechs

You are young, motivated, and need the money? Look no further! You may just be the programmer we’ve been waiting for!

Our dynamic start-up in the field of web and app development, located in the beautiful heart of Berlin, is looking for a passionate iOS developer to round up our team.

What We Do:

Apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch written in Swift and objective c with the help of the iOS Developer SDK
Enhancements of existing user experiences on the iOS platform such as Netzkino
Conception and realization of apps based on customer demands

Your Profile:

We want you if you feel at home in the development of apps for iPhones, iPads, and iPods touch. You know your way around the iOS Developer SDK and like coding on a Mac? You are familiar with automatized tests? You find potentially creative, out of the box solutions for your customers? Perfect!

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Our dynamic start-up in the field of web and app development, located in the beautiful heart of Berlin, is looking for a passionate JavaScript developer to round up our team.

What We Do:

One page applications with CanJS and object oriented JavaScript für extremely performant websites
Server applications in NodeJS

Your Profile:

We want you if you build state of the art web applications with the help of HTML5 and JavaScript and know the difference between a script and an application. You know how to write jQuery selectors and understand how they work? Grunt, ComponentJS, and requireJS are no strangers to you? Ideally, you also feel confident using git? Wonderful!

Finder’s Reward:

You read our ad and know just the right person for the job? If you recommend us to them, we want to reward you! Send us the right candidate and we give you 100€ – that’s it.

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Our dynamic start-up in the field of web and app development, located in the beautiful heart of Berlin, is looking for a passionate UX designer to round up our team.

What We Do: 

Complete app development – from the conception, over publication, to further development
UI elements for apps (iOS, Android, Windows phone, Windows 8 & 10, smartTV platforms)
Conception and realization on corporate designs purposed for apps and websites and their marketing

Your Profile:

You have experience with Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, and/or Illustrator? You know what a wireframe is? You are enthusiastic about creating perfect user design and interfaces? You know how to arrange colors, shapes, and fonts tastefully and are able to conceptualize app and website UIs based on customers’ needs? Excellent!

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Our dynamic start-up in the field of web and app development, located in the beautiful heart of Berlin, is looking for a passionate salesforce developer to round up our team.

What We Do:

Highly integrated CRM solutions for B2B and B2C
HTML5 extensions of the Salesforce standard interface
User defined applications based on Force.com
Connection of web services and integration of outside systems

Your Profile:

You have experience with the object oriented development in Java and want to learn how to adapt, maintain, and further develop Salesforce applications. You are familiar with agile development and already gained some experience in the areas of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. You are excited to work with us on Salesforce projects, including the conception, building, testing, deployment, and maintenance, as well as the documentation. If you don’t already know about them, you are eager to learn Apex and Visualforce?
If you feel that the above text describes you perfectly, we would like to offer you the opportunity to work towards your Salesforce certificate with our constant support. You will get to know ever new aspects of Salesforce while working on exciting projects, also independently.

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1.What do we expect from you?

Ideally, you can give a positive reply to most of those questions about yourself:

You are young, highly motivated, and like to work independently and flexibly? Programming is your passion? You are eager to acquire new skills and keep your knowledge up to date? You consider the Mac to be the perfect tool? You are talented and might even be able to show some previous work? You are can’t wait to face new challenges with us and achieve solutions in a project-oriented manner?

2.What can you expect from us?

We are a young and enthusiastic team. Daniel and Fabian, our two CEOs, met during their studies and founded the company in 2009.

With us, you get the opportunity to work with a team of highly motivated guys and complex challenges while showing off your talent and receiving a very fair salary.

Learn more about our company culture down below.

Even if none of the above openings fit your profile 100%, we would still like to hear from you! We carefully examine every application we receive!

Company Culture

While developing, we often enter new territory. Thus, we constantly have to face new challenges. This is why creative solutions, team work, and a readiness to dive into the unknown are extremely important. 

We always see problems as new challenges. If you set yourself a goal, you will have to overcome hurdles in order to achieve it. That’s in its nature. The question is: Do the problems own us or do we own the problems? We strive everyday to achieve the latter.

If, in spite of all efforts, one of our colleagues finds him- or herself unable to progress, we tackle the challenge together. Chances are that someone in the team has an idea or already came across a possible solutions before. 

We understand that we need to offer our customers more than everyone else in order to survive. That’s why we constantly strive to exceed our clients’ needs and demands.

Sometimes, this means that we have to be creative and offer our solution to our customers before they even asked for it. 

Since our team is scattered across Germany, you, too, will work as autonomously as possible. This will allow you to achieve your full potential and prove your skill set.

We don’t work with strict guidelines and stiff hierarchies. You will be on the same level as all your other colleagues.

Your girlfriend’s birthday is on Tuesday, Wednesdays are for friends and on Friday you have something better to do than work? No problem! Autonomous working also means that you can freely plan your hours after talking to us. 

We believe that this open culture is beneficial for everyone and leads to much better products at the end of the day.

Whether you prefer working from home or at an office, you get to choose. Two years ago, we signed the contract for our beautiful office right in the heart of Berlin with a fun atmosphere, cold beverages, and snacks to get you through the day.

To communicate with our remotely working staff, we use Hangout or our internal chat system every day. We work closely together as team and will be thrilled if you decide to become a part of it.

Company Cultures


Now it's your turn. Tell us about yourself!