Avoplayer LogoEarly in our collaboration with Netzkino, we discovered the need for a video player technology that easily integrates ads and works across all popular platforms, regardless of the output device. After extensive research, we realized that no such player existed which met our expectations as none of the available software was compatible to all relevant platforms and devices. We didn’t want to accept less than flawless software so we decided to build the perfect video player ourselves!

The result is Avoplayer, a state-of-the-art video and ad player that encompasses a 360° solution for monetizing content with the help of advertisements. It works similarly to regular video players with the added quality that it runs across all platforms, no matter the device or operating system a video is viewed on.

avoplayer-home-ipadIn order to deliver optimal performance, we take advantage of each output device’s native environment and are thus able to offer a smooth integration of video ads without delay. For Samsung, this means that when we noticed that the HTML5 player didn’t run perfectly, we used the Samsung player instead and integrated our own logic into it. Thus, we were able to smoothly include delay-free ads and create a satisfactory user experience that would not have been achievable otherwise.

Adhering to our aspiration to offer the best possible user experience, we built the Avoplayer to support Chromecast and AirPlay so that advertisements run directly on the output screen instead of the smaller mobile screen. Thus, the viewer is seamlessly presented with ads in a way that feels natural rather than disruptive.

Customers find our software very easy to use as we built a coherent framework that works across all relevant platforms. As such, our users enjoy the very experience, no matter the device they use or the platform they are on. This brings ad integration to a whole new quality level!

All ad-related tasks can easily be governed by the user. Ad calls can be effortlessly defined and placed within video content. Besides the support of various streaming formats such as HDS, HLS and PMD, users can also enjoy the straightforward placing of pre-, mid- and post-rolls as well as the inclusion of typical techniques such as “waterfalling”.
Of course, we also included tracking systems such as Google Analytics to allow maximal transparency to the user as basis to increase their revenue.

We have put a lot of work and inspiration into our Avoplayer and want to ensure its successful future development. Hence, when a customer purchases our player, we continue to offer support and make using this technology as fun as it can possibly be.

To learn more about Avoplayer, visit www.avoplayer.com! Vodafone, Netzkino, ComputerBilld, and TV Movie are already among the more than satisfied users of our latest project.