Grey Labelz

Grey Labelz

Being recommended is a smasher! This time, it was a close friend of CEO Daniel who recommended our team to a potential client. This led to Greylabelz, an online retailer in the fashion and lifestyle industry, becoming one of our most recent customers. The company approached us with the desire for a new website that would be designed specifically for their needs and, at the same time, function as platform to simplify their workflows and increase their sales. Of course, we were more than happy to help with them with this project.

Greylabels acts as intermediary between popular brands that have temporarily limited campaigns and third-party companies that distribute those offers to customers through online shopping platforms. On their old website, Greylabelz displayed a brief overview of the brands and their available products to potential customers in tables which were little user-friendly and lacked in features such as direct booking. Thus, the goal for us was to design and build a unique online platform that would present the offers and products in the most appealing way possible, allow customers to directly book the brands there, and include an administrative interface so that Greylabelz could more easily manage content and orders. We succeeded in building something extraordinary.

Within the new online portal, different brands are presented individually to ensure a clear arrangement. When clicking on a brand’s set card, more detailed information becomes visible, including product pictures, marketing material, prices, and sales volume. Moreover, product requests can be made directly and a campaign can be booked immediately. For that purpose, we implemented a calendar that is automatically displayed and includes the available time spans, as well as the respective contact information and responsible contact person. Hence, the structure of the platform not only simplifies the product evaluation for possible campaigns of online shops but is also an attractive way for brands to increase their brand awareness and their sales. Now, the distinct product overview and the simple booking process are valued most by users.

We designed the Greylabelz portal with a mix of different technologies to achieve the best possible outcome. The website was built with JavaScript (CanJS one-page application), HTML5, CSS3, and Grunt in order to ensure a trouble-free execution. Moreover, an on-demand backend and an administrative interface were integrated for the Greylabelz team which allows them to easily govern their new website. The easy data file upload and inclusion of several email templates round up the picture and immensely facilitate the workflow. Lastly, the web design is responsive so that the online portal can be used on all mobile and desktop devices alike.

Having increased their sales and web presence with the help of their new platform significantly, Greylabelz was far more than satisfied with our efforts. The great feedback they received from customers shows that they were not the only ones excited about the new webpage. At simpleTechs, we are extremely proud of succeeding in combining such different technologies in order to create a unique online distribution portal for Greylabelz like no other on the market. We enjoyed working with Greylabelz and wish them a very successful future!