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Having followed the incredible success of our Netzkino app, the Kixi Entertainment GmbH thought we were the perfect partner for making a similar movie app that would be specifically designed for children. The fact that they share the office with Netzkino probably didn’t hurt our positive reputation, either, and we were excited to start working on this project.

kixi-app-homeThe result is KIXI, a movie and series streaming app developed just for kids. Its entire content is exclusively children-friendly, as it complies with the German voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry (FSK) ratings. This means that parents can relax and let their children choose freely from the wide offer without having to worry about their little ones seeing inappropriate content.

Easy to Use. We designed KIXI in a way that would allow the young users to navigate through it independently. This means that the interface consists of big symbols, colorful images, and only few written text. Scenic images are used to convey the information about the respective movie or series rather than large text areas. Thus, navigating within the app becomes childishly simple.
In accordance with the child’s age, it is also possible to list the content particularly recommended for that age group.

kixi-app-movieSafe Environment. All the included films and series have been carefully selected in collaboration with parents and editors. The app is commercial-free and contains no links to other pages to ensure the safest possible environment for children.

Offline Function. Because we know that a dependency on internet access can be problematic especially when travelling, we implemented an offline function. This can turn long and boring car rides into a more fun way of travelling for the whole family.

Airplay. We implemented an Airplay support so that selected programs can easily be shown on other screens such as TVs. Because we know that, sometimes, phones or tablets are just not big enough.

Safe Payment. KIXI offers a large  and constantly growing variety of children’s movies and series based on a subscription with a small monthly fee. We enabled safe payment so there is really nothing parents have to worry about with this app.

The development of this application and the collaboration with Kixi Entertainment GmbH were very fruitful and enjoyable for us. Seeing the app’s immediate success was enough motivation for us to start working on its Android version. We appreciate this chance to continue our partnership and are looking forward to seeing KIXI rank high on the Google Play Store soon, too.

KIXI is available in the App Store and runs on iPhones and iPads. To get this fun entertaining app for your kids or for yourself to reminiscent the feeling of being child again, download the KIXI App.