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Being in a long-term relationship himself, CEO Daniel knows how easily romance can be neglected in the daily routine of a partnership. In order to avoid this for himself and his girlfriend, he brainstormed about an easy and digital solution to bring romance back into the everyday life of relationships. As a result, the concept of mosband was born.

mosband is targeted primarily at boyfriends or husbands who want to bring more romance into their relationships. The idea behind it was to create an app which not only reminds the user to surprise their partner with a thoughtful gesture but also proposes suitable ideas for doing so. In order to receive a broad variety of potentially relationship-saving ideas, we put our heads together with friends and family members and came up with a big pool of recommendations for being a more romantic partner.

With the app’s content ready, we set out to design it with the best tools available. mosband was programmed with Swift 2.0, the latest programming language for iOS which ensures the building of a safe, interactive, and fast-running app which works on all iOS 8 and iOS 9 iPhones. We also designed the app to be as simple to use as possible. A small menu bar with settings has been included as well as the possibility to navigate through the various ideas by tapping on the screen. Furthermore, the frequency of mosband idea notifications can be set individually to daily, on weekdays only, or to weekly reminders.

mosband_date_phoneIn support of the app, we built mosband’s very own website, as well. For this purpose, we used plain HTML and JavaScript to create a simple but expressive web page that links to the app and explains the concept behind it with various screenshots.

By offering a great collection of ideas, starting from a romantic walk to giving a tender back massage, there is certainly something to make everybody happy in mosband. Moreover, the user can record their relationship’s start date in the app to see how long exactly they have been happy together and, of course, to receive a reminder for their anniversary – another possibly partnership-saving feature. In addition, for the user to be able to monitor their progress, they receive points by realizing the suggestions and marking them as ‘done’. The more ‘mosband points’ they collect, the closer they are to becoming the desired ‘model husband’ and to having a satisfying and happy relationship!

mosband is currently available for free in the Apple App Store. The app launch in September introduced the German and English and the first update made French, Spanish and Dutch available, as well. In the meantime, the integration for Android devices and the inclusion of the Chinese language are being contemplated.

We are very happy with the finished mosband app which has been a personal pleasure to design and test and we hope that it will be a helpful tool in making relationships more romantic. We are excited to see its future development and success!