Play 4 Games

Play 4 Games

After they had been very pleased with our work for when we build the Free Online Games app for them, GameGenetics came back to us and asked us to build another app, this time for iOS.

Play 4 Games MemoryThe idea was to give iPhone and iPad users a curated catalog app of high quality iOS games so that they didn’t need to dig through the entire App Store in search for great games anymore.

Unfortunately, Apple decided to ban such catalog apps from the App Store right when we had finished building the app. Naturally, the app was dismissed for not adhering to the new App Store guidelines.

Trying to make the best out of this situation, we decided to tune the app to new levels by implementing so-called gamification, a concept of applying game-design thinking to classic non-game applications, making the newly redesigned app much more fun and engaging. Basically, the app needed to be a game and a catalog at the same time. So, the thought process began of how we were to achieve this goal.

Play 4 Games Games PageThe decision was made to implement a classic concentration, or memory, type of game layer. What users first see when they open the app is a start screen with app icons laid “face down”. In order to discover new games, the user needs to touch two icons and hopefully he or she will turn over pairs of matching game icons.

Each game is featured on its own page along with a short gameplay description text, game art, a screenshot gallery laid out in a classic carousel view and game videos. Everything is viewable within the app so users don’t have to constantly navigate back and forth between a website and the app’s contents. Smart recommendations for similar games can be found in the corresponding game category along with other genre or release date based categories. The app is laid out in a simple flat and clean design. Game icons are front and center here. The idea was to give users and instant sense of what the app is all about when they first open it. A newly-discovered pair of matching game icons begins to turn bigger and then smaller again, giving the user an idea that they are now touchable to read more about the game itself. Shaking the device will reset a finished game and if some game icons aren’t discovered, shaking will solve the current game.

The app was thoroughly tested by Testology and successfully made it through their various testings by complying to all of their criteria:

I would use the app because the games are presented in such a way that it is easy to see what I am looking for and I find the app is easier to navigate than the app store. – Testology report for Play 4 Games

Play 4 Games is an international app and has been released in various languages and is available in many different countries in the App Store.