simpeHotspot Icon KopieWhen our CEOs Fabian and Daniel were on a train on their way to a business meeting in Munich, they discovered that the always changing mobile data coverage made it impossible to work productively on their Macs via a personal hotspot. Even though they were using their MacBooks, they constantly needed to stare at their iPhones to see what the network service was like in order to decide if was a good or bad time to open a website or upload a document. A solution was needed.

For a more productive workflow, they thought it was best if they could monitor their iPhone network service right from their MacBooks. So, after some tinkering, Fabian figured out how his iPhone’s signal was transferred and used on his Mac as a personal hotspot.

simpeHotspot 3G Screenshot newWhile still on that same train ride, he built an app that would display the iPhone’s signal strength and the network standard used (3G, EDGE…) in the OS X menu bar. After successfully making sure the app worked as it should and being convinced that such a small tool could change people’s workflows while on the road, it was published as simpleHotspot as a free download on the simpleTechs website.

simpleHotspot iPhone SharingSimpleHotspot now works with every iPhone or mobile data-enabled iPad that can share its network signal via a personal hotspot to a Mac (tethering). No modifications to the iPhone or iPad such as jailbreaks or additional apps are required. Instead, simpleHotspot works out-of-the-box just with Apple’s own tools. You only need to download and install the app on your Mac and run it while turning on the mobile hotspot on your iPhone or iPad, all of which is fairly easy.

This small tool is especially useful when you’re traveling since it will save you time. Time that you would have otherwise spent waiting for websites to be loaded or emails to be sent, constantly staring at your iPhone or iPad’s screen to see if you’ve got bad or no signal at all. We thought that this app was so simple and yet so utterly useful to many people out there that we made it available as a free download as another big Thank You to the community. We wanted to give back for the dozens, if not hundreds of freely available tools and apps that we have used that others created and shared to make people’s lives easier.