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Testflight error

Nearly everyone in the world working on new apps, including us, uses Testflight for testing and finding errors. It simply is the easiest and best way to integrate customers in the origination process and offers a reliable environment to share and work on new ideas.
Testflight is even cool enough to get bought by Apple some months ago.

Besides this, most of you know that moment, when a Device crashes and nothing can help but a new device or in fortunate cases a rollback from iCloud Backup.
You might ask yourself, what do these two facts have in common, but you will know, if you ever faced both at the same time, as our CEO Daniel did.

After being happy to successfully finish a restore, he wanted to go back working with Testflight, when the error above popped up.
Searching in the support forum lead to the obvious cause: ‘The device was restored from a backup and is causing a conflict for over-the-air distribution’ and instructions how to create error logs to send to the support, with no guarantee of fast remedy.

We have a much simpler way for you:

  1. Take your iPhone and navigate to “Settings” > “Safari”
  2. Press “Clear Cookies and Data”
  3. Relogin at Testflight and reinstall the certificate
  4. Finished, the installation should now work.

We hope, with this piece of advice we can save many people the long time needed to find this trick and can make the life of an app developer a little bit easier.

Note: When you are restoring a backup to a brand new device, you must add your phone to testflight.
This is because of the way apple’s provisioning-profiles work (i.e. they are bound to specific device UUIDs).

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