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Having proven our talent in making successful movie streaming apps with Netzkino, we were the perfect partner for Kixi Entertainment GmbH’s new project: KIXI – an application that allows the streaming of movies and series made just for kids.

We developed KIXI to be a perfect children’s app. This also means that all included content is appropriate for the very young users. The films and series have been carefully selected with parents and editors and comply with the German voluntary self-regulation of the movie industry (FSK) ratings. Furthermore, no links are included that could lead to external pages, neither does the app show commercials. We worked hard to give parents the freedom to relax and not worry about their children seeing inappropriate content.

We also focused on making KIXI as easy as possible to use. For this purpose, we made our symbols very big and highly limited the use of text but instead rather used scenic images to convey content. This allows children to freely and independently navigate through the app.

Another feature we included is the offline function which enables our young users to enjoy KIXI also when traveling.

As mobile devices do not always provide screens large enough to make the streaming experience perfect, we implemented Airplay which facilitates the easy connection to wider screens.

Lastly, and to entirely avoid grounds for headaches, KIXI offers safe payment for the small monthly subscription fee.

We put a lot of effort into making the app as secure and child-friendly as possible and are extremely proud of the result. Working with Kixi Entertainment GmbH was a pleasure and we are looking forward to developing the Android version, as well. For now, you can already download and enjoy the KIXI iOS App.

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