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New update on Netzkino

After weeks of hard work we are proud to be able to announce our new update of the popular Netzkino app on Android and iOS! In this version we include three main changes and alterations: the support of Google’s latest innovation, the Chromecast stick as well as an offline function on iOS and a complete renewal of the app’s surface to fit to the look and feel of iOS 7.

With the incorporation of Chromecast we are following the latest trend and the next great idea on the smartTV market. Chromecast basically is an HDMI-stick by Google which enables the user to stream all kind of data to their TVs. One major usage to be foreseen is watching movies – the matter TVs are made for. As we do not intend to keep our users from this great new opportunity, we made Netzkino as one of the first movie-playing apps that supports Chromecast and which is as always free-of-charge! Connected with the Chromecast you just have to press one single button on your smartphone or tablet and immediately all your favorite movies can be streamed to your TV – in HD!

Even with the best connection to all screens at home, one thing is essential for streaming movies: internet connection. Traditionally. But on iOS our users can henceforth enjoy a complete new level of movie streams – the offline function of Netzkino. The app now is the only one offering the possibility to watch movies from a selection of more than 2,000 titles when- and wherever you wish to – on the train, in the car and even in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. Just grab the iPhone or iPad, download your favorites and enjoy them on the go.

To set an appropriate frame for the new features, we overhauled the whole user interface on iOS and adapted it to the new iOS 7. The app now fits perfectly in the operating system and follows its usability.

We have launched this update to follow our passion – always create the most value for our clients as well as their users and keep pace with this fast-changing world of innovations and trends. We feel confident the old as well as all new users will appreciate our work and can enjoy the new features and functionalities – we wish you a lot of fun and great movie nights!

As before, you can find Netzkino on iTunes and the Google Play Store.


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