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This summer, we faced a challenge outside of our comfort zone and away from the computer screens. We participated in a company run. Now regular runs are something everyone can do and do not necessarily leave our comfort zone so we decided to go for the more “fun” version and run for the Tough Mudder. With that, 18 kilometers of mud, obstacles, and the company of great people were waiting for us.  more

Testflight error

Nearly everyone in the world working on new apps, including us, uses Testflight for testing and finding errors. It simply is the easiest and best way to integrate customers in the origination process and offers a reliable environment to share and work on new ideas.
Testflight is even cool enough to get bought by Apple some months ago.

Besides this, most of you know that moment, when a Device crashes and nothing can help but a new device or in fortunate cases a rollback from iCloud Backup. more

simpleTechs pro-bono gitarrenunterricht-in-potsdam.de

We are proudly announcing, our first pro-bono work to be finished!
Our latest work, a website designed from the scratch for gitarrenunterricht-in-potsdam.de is now online and has struck immediately a chord with a lot of prospects and fans. more


Old habits

Even before we founded simpleTechs as a company, we created blog.simpletechs.net as a shared resource for writing about solutions to problems that we came across.
Most of these originated in our daily work, both Daniel and I at the time were happy linux users, confident that this would be the next big desktop operating system (well, that didn’t work out so well, did it?). more


New update on Netzkino

After weeks of hard work we are proud to be able to announce our new update of the popular Netzkino app on Android and iOS! In this version we include three main changes and alterations: the support of Google’s latest innovation, the Chromecast stick as well as an offline function on iOS and a complete renewal of the app’s surface to fit to the look and feel of iOS 7.  more

meinUnterricht Tiles

We are very proud to relaunch the Windows 8.1 app for meinUnterricht.de today!

The app has been completely rewritten from the ground up for Windows 8.1, making sure it would still work the reliable way meinUnterricht.de and us had imagined it when we first launched it for Windows 8. With the Windows 8.1 update came some changes to how the new Modern environment works.


A while ago, I talked to you about how we had just launched our new jobs page to attract new talented people to work for us here at simpleTechs. Almost two months have passed since then and we can proudly report that dozens and dozens of applications have flown in. more

Blog Graphic Thank You

Around the holiday season, we decided it would be a great idea to say thank you. We as a company and every single individual working here are very grateful for the safe and happy lives we get to live.

We know that many, many people out there haven’t had as much as luck as we have. That’s why we decided to make donations to projects and foundations that were handpicked by our employees. Everyone working at simpleTechs could decide were their donation should go to. more

Blog Graphic Sam We want you

simpleTechs started off as a small company in 2009 when our CEOs Daniel and Fabian began working together on some projects. Five years have passed since. While we are still pretty young and rather small employee-wise today, we are also constantly growing. There is always a new project on the horizon and there is a steady stream of new ventures upcoming when we feel like we need additional workforce to do our jobs in the satisfying way that our customers are used to. more

Windows 8.1 Netzkino App Promo Windows StoreIt is such a great feeling to just know that your hard work is being appreciated. We honestly care deeply about the feedback we receive from our customers and from consumers alike. That is part of who we are and what we do as a company. It is in our DNA, you could say. more