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This summer, we faced a challenge outside of our comfort zone and away from the computer screens. We participated in a company run. Now regular runs are something everyone can do and do not necessarily leave our comfort zone so we decided to go for the more “fun” version and run for the Tough Mudder. With that, 18 kilometers of mud, obstacles, and the company of great people were waiting for us.

In order to get the whole team to join the challenge, our CEOs Daniel and Fabian lured everyone to Leipzig with the promise of a private house with pool table, beers, BBQs, and separate lake. After a relaxing first day with all the benefits of such a promise, we were set and ready to conquer the mud the following day. 18.000 m full of obstacles such as ice cold water, skate pipelines, electro shocks, ropes, and, of course, endless amounts of mud, gave us plenty of opportunities for team building moments. It was important to us to do this run together and, in particular, to go through the finishing line as a team. A goal we proudly accomplished.

Although this was probably the longest and most exhausting race anyone of us had ever done, we all enjoyed it and we were immensely proud to have reached the finishing line. Overcoming the last obstacle with the whole group was an indescribable moment none of us would have wanted to miss. Neither was the joy when it was finally over.

This was an amazing experience that welded us together, made us proud, made us tired, and made us tough. Now we are ready for the next challenge.


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