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simpleTechs started off as a small company in 2009 when our CEOs Daniel and Fabian began working together on some projects. Five years have passed since. While we are still pretty young and rather small employee-wise today, we are also constantly growing. There is always a new project on the horizon and there is a steady stream of new ventures upcoming when we feel like we need additional workforce to do our jobs in the satisfying way that our customers are used to.

In the past, we made use of the commonly used job platforms and social media here in Germany to look for new employees. We are still doing that but we are also launching our very own jobs website here at simpletechs.net today: www.simpletechs.net/jobs

We feel like that will give job-seekers an integrative experience for when they are looking for job opportunities here at our company.

In case you wondered: we are looking for iOS, Javascript and Salesforce developers as well as an UX designer as of this writing. It is important to note that even in case our job opportunities may not fully cover a job-seekers profile, he or she may still apply!

While German speaking folks are preferred, job-seekers fluent in English may also apply.

Are you interested in working with us? Visit www.simpletechs.net/jobs or drop us a line at [email protected]

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