Icon-Small@3xContinuing our collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment GmbH, which started with the development of the Sleep Well! – Baby lullabies app, we were happy to work with them again on a new project for the Badesalz application.
Badesalz is a free entertainment app that we built to promote the release of the CD by “Badesalz”, a group of top German comedians, by informing users about updates and news related to the release and by giving them a first taste of the actual CD.

To shorten the waiting time, we equipped it with an assortment of buttons that reproduce sounds or phrases that have been prepared by the comedians beforehand. These sounds can come in handy in everyday-life situations and rescue the user from awkward silences as well provide witty responses when the own mind does not want to come up with anything quickly enough.Silver

In addition to the integration of the sounds, we implemented push notifications in order to provide the user with promotion information about the CD as fast as possible and to ensure that they not miss anything important. Furthermore, we designed the app for mobile devices running with iOS or Android and made it scalable for phones as well as tablets. It thus runs smoothly on all devices.

We highly enjoyed the app’s developemnt and the opportunity it gave us to play with sound-producind buttons, as well as the continued cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment GmbH. We are very proud of the outcome and are thrilled to see so many incredible positive responses to and reviews for it.

“Badesalz” describes this app a survival help for mastering one’s everyday life and if the App Store had such a category, we are certain it would fall into it. If you feel in need of such a survival app or if you just want to play with buttons that play funny sounds, download the Badesalz iTunes App or the Badesalz Android App!