Being a quickly growing company with expanding and complex products, crealytics did not feel accurately represented by their old website anymore and wanted a change for the better. Being recommended by our client Bookwire, crealytics turned to us for this new project in which we were happy to support them. We were thus presented with the task of creating an entirely new website, including the development of a new concept, a pervasive and appealing design, as well as the optimal presentation and integration of the very complex products offered by crealytics. Luckily, we love challenges!

crealytics-camatoWe used WordPress as content management system for the new website as it allows crealytics to easily edit and maintain their site’s content. In order to perfectly adapt to their needs, we developed a completely new WordPress theme for which we implemented a responsive design so that it adapts automatically to any output screen size. Furthermore, we continued in rearranging the content and merge it onto fewer pages, still keeping clear, visual barriers between the areas but allowing for a better and faster general overview. We also ensured quick navigation through the new website with the help of a navigation bar on the top of each page, making it easy for the user to find their way around.

A major goal of the new platform was to provide a superior design that would make the presented content more comprehensible to users. Thus, we built a simple but expressive layout which visually underlines the company’s strength. For conveying complex information and numbers, we developed icons that users can grasp easily. With a number of animated icons as well as auto-playing videos, we attract the user’s interested in the website and, consequently, in the company.

camatoThe core feature of crealytics can be found in their technically highly complex camato products –  in-depth software solutions for paid search engine optimization and product advertising for international e-commerce companies. Presenting their products in the most accessible and favorable way was the key challenge for us. In close collaboration with crealytics, we committed to deeply understanding their work in order to represent it in the best possible way. Consequently, we were able to overcome this challenge by clearly separating the different work fields visually and by creating and implementing elaborate videos, images, graphs, and short text blocks which together help even non-specialized users understand the company’s product range easily.

Throughout the entire process, we have been working closely with our client in order to achieve an outcome that would not only satisfy but also exceed their expectations. With our innovative ideas and creative presentations of complex information, we succeeded to achieve that goal. We thank crealytics for their fruitful collaboration and wish them much success with their new website!