Free Online Games

Free Online Games

When GameGenetics went out to look for developers to build a new app for them for the about to be launched Windows 8 in 2012, they asked Microsoft Germany for suggestions. Luckily, Microsoft knew about our talent and that is how our long-lasting cooperation with GameGenetics started and the Free Online Games Windows 8.1 app came to be.

Free Online Games Screenshot 1In this app, users can comb through a curated list of game categories for selected free browser games. All games have been tested and have been chosen carefully to be promoted in this app. Promotion plays a big role here, so we incorporated three different tile sizes for the curators to display the games in. The larger the tile, the more attention a game may get. The largest tile is reserved for the Game of the Week and only few other games are shown in the Spotlight section on the start page of the app. All tiles are laid out in a multi-size grid, making for a very clean and pleasant to look at design.

Free Online Games Games PageEach game is featured on its own page along with a short description text, large game art, a screenshot gallery and a video trailer. Everything is viewable within the app so users don’t have to constantly navigate back and forth between a website and the app’s contents. Smart suggestions for similar games are displayed on the far right side of each game page.

The game categories are easily accessible via a swipe from right to left or via a pinch gesture (Semantic Zoom) which brings up a short overview of all available categories in square-like tiles, displaying large game art of the most promoted games.

Free Online Games Snap ViewWe made sure that the app supported Snap View so it could be pinned to either side of the screen for multitasking purposes. Sharing and Smart Search can be used via the Windows 8 Charms Bar on every page within the app. Live Tiles are also supported in three different sizes and content for them is getting pushed from a server.

This Windows 8.1 app has been an international success and is now offered in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and English. It is also featured by several OEM partners like Dell and Lenovo in their own Windows Store sections on devices built by them.

GameGenetics was so satisfied with our work that they sent us a big gift basket and came back for more ideas of cooperation for the Play 4 Games and Game of the Day apps.

Free Online Games App in the Windows Store