Game of the Day

Game of the Day

The Game of the Day app for Windows 8.1 offers quick access to a new promoted free game title every day. With just one click from within the app, users are either forwarded straight to the browser game or to a download page for games some games that need to be installed but also offer more spectacular graphics. This internationally successful and OEM-promoted app has been the third time we cooperated with GameGenetics, of which we could not be happier about.

Game-of-the-Day-Controller-ScratchThe idea of this app is a bit similar to what we did with the Play 4 Games iOS app. In both cases, the app is about discovering new games in a playful manner (gamification). One game is being promoted every day in this case. To make game discovery a bit more fun, we implemented a “Tomorrow’s Game” feature where the user has to scratch off a controller in order to get a glimpse of what the promoted game of the next day will be. This can either be done via a cursor or via touch input. A countdown placed next to the mysterious controller displays the remaining time until the new game is being advertised and ready for consumption, either as a browser game or as a standalone download.

Game-of-the-Day-Game-PageThe users can also still look at “Yesterday’s Game” should they have forgotten to pick it up. Everything is displayed in a clean multi-size grid layout right on the front page. Tiles for yesterday’s, tomorrow’s and today’s Game of the Day are present and link to the corresponding game pages. To give users an idea about the games, detailed gameplay descriptions along with screenshots in a nice full-screen carousel view, videos and game art are shown on the game pages which are laid out in a clean panorama view that is horizontally scrollable. All this content is viewable within the app so users don’t have to constantly navigate back and forth between a website and the app’s contents.

Game-of-the-Day-Snap-View-e1387295509780We made sure that the app supported Snap View so it could be pinned to either side of the screen for multitasking purposes. Sharing and Smart Search can be used via the Windows 8.1 Charms Bar on every page within the app. Live Tiles are also supported in three different sizes and content for them is getting pushed from a server. We embedded Google Analytics so that the app publisher can track exactly how successful the games are being marketed. As we are always trying to do a little more than is expected from us by our customers, we implemented a design that will scale at any size, making the app UI look great at any screen size and resolution. We overachieved by giving GameGenetics a resolution-independent app because we figured that that extra attention to detail would make a whole lot of sense. Yet again, we worked hard so that our customers didn’t have to by building something that they had not even thought about themselves but greatly appreciated afterwards. We are looking forward to the next great app developing activities for GameGenetics!

Game of the Day App in the Windows Store