meinUnterricht.deLogo neuWith this completely rewritten Windows 8.1 app, teachers get access to the portal which offers more than 70.000 pages of content for various school subjects from renowned publishing houses like Auer, AOL, Friedrich and more. This collaboration came about when our CEO Daniel took part in the Dark Side Bakery, a coding workshop by MSDN Germany to help developers and start-ups getting to know about Microsoft’s developing tools. Daniel helped out the guys behind and quickly became a guide for many other developers and the event. Later on, after deciding that they didn’t have the necessary capacities, asked us to help them build this app.

Registered users can create virtual desks and store their files on the website. That data and those desks can then be accessed via this app since they are stored in the cloud, making a very mobile and easy to use platform for any teacher. That is especially true for this Windows 8.1 app that we created: SearchWith this huge amount of content, we had to make sure to give users the best possible way to discover the things they are looking for. So, in Windows 8, we incorporated Smart Search in this app. That meant that users could search through the catalogue via the build in search found in the Charms Bar. For Windows 8.1, we integrated an independent search function right into the app. To make the experience complete, we implemented the print and share capabilities that users can also easily access right from within Windows 8.1.

meinUnterricht PDFPDFs can be printed out and downloaded right from the app for offline view. Printing is supported through the use of the Windows 8.1 printing capabilities for almost any printer, also accessible from the Charms Bar. The app itself features a clean reading mode that users can use to smoothly scroll through their documents, jumping from page to page via page previews. With our app, the user gets to decide how they want to read and use their documents or hand them out to their students, either on Windows 8.1 powered devices via this app or on paper.

meinUnterricht TilesWindows 8.1 heavily makes use of so-called Tiles to display content. We incorporated that idea by using a multi-size grid layout, making use of tiles in various sizes to display short amount of data through headlines, categories and iconography in a very clean grid array. Content is key here, and our layout best represents that demand: with a glimpse of a view, teachers can easily see and navigate what’s going on in a specific subject. Documents can be viewed and scrolled through in a matter of seconds, making this the single app that every teacher will want to not miss anymore. The app first launched for Windows 8 but has been completely rewritten from the ground up for Windows 8.1. App in the Windows Store