GlossyboxSometimes, it’s a personal relationship that brings about professional collaboration. Such has been the case here. Our CEO Daniel’s girlfriend, a hair and make-up artist based in Potsdam, once did a job for Glossybox. Thanks to her suggestion, Glossybox asked us to create a Facebook app that needed to work on desktops and on mobile devices.

Glossybox on mobile device

A challenging task that had to make use of the most sophisticated technologies available at that time, some of which had never been used before in this context. What we then created was something very unique.

Create your BoxWe successfully developed an international app (available in German, French, English and Spanish at the time) for Glossybox called ‘Create your own Box’ that empowered a group of five friends to build and then review a Glossybox of their own. The app could be used on a desktop computer via mouse input and drag and drop. For mobile devices, we had to come up with a new interface because the classic drag and drop input methods didn’t work on touch-based mobile devices in a natural way where your finger is the most common tool for input. In both scenarios, the best input methods were used to give users a  familiar and easy to use tool to work on their box.

Once created and given a unique name, you could invite 4 other friends on Facebook via that sites notification features to collaborate on a box. When successfully created, boxes were rendered on the fly via a server and then featured on the app’s landing page, including images of the contents and of the collaborators’ profile pictures. The one group that gained the most likes for their box through public voting via the Glossybox Facebook app subsequently won the box.

Glossybox 2.2k BoxThere were boxes with more than 2.2k likes, making this a very successful, far-reaching viral campaign.

Overwhelmed and very pleased with the results of the Create your own Box Facebook app, Glossybox sent us a couple of surprise gift boxes.

“You have implemented the app according to our conception in a very short amount of time and you further improved it after launch. We will definitely recommend you. I hope that we will work together again soon.” – Marion Uhlendorf, Glossybox

This promo is now over, but a couple of screenshots can still be viewed in the Glossybox Create your own Box album on Facebook.