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Old habits

Even before we founded simpleTechs as a company, we created blog.simpletechs.net as a shared resource for writing about solutions to problems that we came across.
Most of these originated in our daily work, both Daniel and I at the time were happy linux users, confident that this would be the next big desktop operating system (well, that didn’t work out so well, did it?).
Thus, whenever something went wrong1 we would search for a solution, try it, and if it worked out okay, we’d then post it to the blog.

This led to a carefully curated series of high-quality content that, in turn, attracted many readers and commenters to our blog.
We went on with the blog for several years but new post became very rare when we both went our ways and the problem we ran into went from everybody’s problems into very focused, specific problems.

A new beginning

Today’s the day we want to revive this habit – we want to provide solutions to the problems we encounter as well written, high quality blog posts for you to read and enjoy.
We will not revive the old posts just yet, as most of them are either very outdated2 or simply obsolete due to the fact that the problems have been resolved for many years now.
But fear not, we are invested in this idea and we want to make very sure that posting helpful blogposts will again be an important part of our DNA.

What to expect

In the past 5 years simpleTechs changed from being a part time project of two students to a fully grown company.
Consequently, posts will be much more wide-spread across different topics ranging from development to project management to insights into our everyday work.
We will do everything to make the posts as useful as always for every possible reader, but we will also focus on specific solutions bound to a certain domain of problems, knowing that these posts may be more interesting for some readers than for others.

Also, we will focus way more on technical problems rather than “end user problems”, because the internet is full of support forums and wikis that already provide plenty of resources that end-users can use to solve pretty much any problem out there.
Finally, if we weren’t able to find a solution for a problem and we decided to solve it on our own, we may have implemented something to provide the solution for us.
We may post these side projects of ours from time to time – because they perfectly match the scope of tech.simpleTechs.net.

What you can do

If, at any time, you have any questions regarding any of the posts, please go ahead and leave a comment and we will make the greatest efforts to meet everybody’s interests.

  1. mind you, we’re talking 2009 here – things went wrong about all the time! 
  2. Do you still remember the release of Amarok 2.0.0 “In the beginning”? Yeah, we don’t either. 

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