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simpleTechs pro-bono gitarrenunterricht-in-potsdam.de

We are proudly announcing, our first pro-bono work to be finished!
Our latest work, a website designed from the scratch for gitarrenunterricht-in-potsdam.de is now online and has struck immediately a chord with a lot of prospects and fans.

The whole story began when a friend of our CEO Daniel told him she is about to start an own standalone business for guitar lessons and could convince Daniel by the idea and her resilience to lead it to success.
For a musical school it is crucial to have an attention-grabbing modern website for a single vendor to be apprehended in this day and age, especially in such a highly competitive field.
As the venture is just about to start and there is now capital to spend, Daniel kindly offered to help with the tough task to create internet presence for her musical offers since no one would be better suited for this purpose than simpleTechs!
We took a lot of delight in working on this matter and with special effort of Daniel we could quickly complete the task and help a friend to make a new startup come to success.
As we firstly presented the result to her, she was overwhelmed and after the webpage is now online, we can see many visitors are, too. Our friend got so much positive response and so many requests, she could not even handle them all by herself – a great hit for her new business.
We are happy, we could take part in this and help a young, promising enterprise. We wish them all the best for the future and ‘Break a leg’!

We as a company once more learned, that it is more than money that matters and that helping a friend and a good idea sometimes pays more, if not necessarily in cash, but in having fun at work and walk home with the feeling of doing good.

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