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With so many changes happening around Netzkino such as the recent release of its Fire TV App, it was time to bring along improvements for its website, too.

We rebuilt and relaunched the whole website with an entirely new design and enhanced user experience. We established a clear structure and made using the website much more intuitive. The homepage now provides a better overview at first sight by displaying the new sections “New on Netzkino”, “Most-Watched Movies”, “Award-Winning Movies”, and “Recommendations of the Week”.

Large images of selected titles facilitate the search. When hovering with the mouse over such an image, more details about the movie are shown such as the title, ratings, the release year, and the FSK youth protection rating.

Upon clicking the cover, the user is provided with more detailed information including a summary of the movie, the awards it has won, the names of the actors and directors, as well as a recommendation for related movies.

The key improvement, however, is the integration of our own player technology which is fully adaptive on mobile devices and allows the transmission of commercials before and during the movies. This is an essential feature of Netzkino as the free video on demand service is based on commercials.

With the latest relaunch of Netzkino’s website, our focus was on achieving an enhanced design and a fully responsive website with an improved user experience. We are proud to say that we succeeded!

Check out the new Netzkino Website and enjoy searching for and streaming a great variety of free movies!

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